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Boltless Rack Storage System

Depth Length Height UDL/Per level  
12" 3ft 6ft 300Kg Boltless Rack 1
12" 4ft 6ft 300Kg
12" 5ft 6ft 200Kg
12" 6ft 6ft 200Kg
16" 3ft 6ft 300Kg
16" 4ft 6ft 250Kg
16" 5ft 6ft 200Kg
16" 6ft 6ft 200Kg
18" 3ft 6ft 300Kg
18" 4ft 6ft 250Kg
18" 5ft 6ft 200Kg
18" 6ft 6ft 200Kg
20" 3ft 6ft 300Kg
20" 4ft 6ft 250Kg
20" 5ft 6ft 200Kg
20" 6ft 6ft 200Kg
24" 3ft 6ft 250Kg
24" 4ft 6ft 200Kg
24" 5ft 6ft 200Kg
24" 6ft 6ft 200Kg
30" 4ft 6ft 180Kg
30" 5ft 6ft 150Kg
30" 6ft 6ft 150Kg
  • Additional Heighht  : 7ft   8ft   9ft   10ft

Boltless Rack Panel

Laminate Colour Plywood
Acrylic Panel
Metal Panel
Choice Of Panel For Your Boltless Rack
Additional Charges Apply
Colour May Vary Due To Light Setting

UNS PTE LTD shelving & racking system revolution by introduce and mass market them in Singapore Specialised in the manufacture of various types of racks fit for Residential and Commercial usage. We carry a huge variety of products that can be customised with the standard Depth, Length and Height to meet your Household Shelter / Bomb Shelter / Office / Warehouse requirement.

These metal rack are suitable for both light storage and medium duty warehouse shelving purposes. The idea of racking maximizes your storeroom storage spaces, and making the whole premises neat and tidy.

UNS Boltless Rack Storage System (Storage & Racking) are manufactory from Malaysia with SIRIM QAS INTERNATIONAL Standard Certification.

Our Boltless Storage Racking System are easy and hassle free to install as they do not have bolt and nuts. These shelving are easily latched on to the upright bar. You may choose the level that you wants to secure your shelve, depending on the internal height you require. All Shelving is completely adjustable at your own discretion.

Beige (off white) Boltless racking are finished with high quality Epoxy Powder coated with HDF Board (Anti Termites treated).

You can chose PVC Laminated Plywood or Full Metal panel to suit your need. Each level can withstand 150kg – 400Kg UDL.

Please feel free to contact us through the Live Chat or email to us if you have any enquiry.

Boltless rack shelving No.2

Rack system is a Light weight adjustable shelving system come with adjustable shelving (wood or metal) suitable for commercial, industrial and household storage solution.

cater for new HDB bomb shelter / store room / utility room and private condo ‘plus 1’ room are available in following series.

Bomb Shelter Storeroom Rack

Bomb Shelter Storeroom Rack No.8

Store room / Utility room

Store room Utility room

Office storage rack(pvc laminate plywood)

Office storage rack(pvc laminate plywood)

Advantages / Features

  • Easy and hassle free set-up without requirement of special tools.

  • Modular design concept perfect for future extension or re-location.

  • Light weight and boltless concept - bolts & nuts free.

  • Snap on & Secure.

  • User friendly with round edge corner design and anti-slip rubber base.

  • Versatile and flexible for maximum utilization of empty space.

  • Available in standard Beige (off White).


  • Shelves are easily adjusted at pitch of 40mm and are designed with load bearing capacities with 150kgs - 400kgs UDL per shelf level.

  • Come in standard Depth and Width. Height can be alter base on hole to hole.

  • Finished with high quality Epoxy Powder coated.

Please feel free to contact us through the Live Chat or email to us if you have any enquiry.

Attention: Some fraud website are using our domain (uns.com.sg) as the recipient. To be certain you are not swindled, please purchase directly from the uns.com.sg website. We don't have any branch sites.